Introduction and information about the Konfront Platform

We will be happy to come by your institution and introduce you to the Konfront Platform. Please contact us at [email protected] for further information. In your mail, we ask you to inform us regarding the specific occasion for your inquiry, so we can target our presentation to the needs and situation of your institution.

Placing an order

Order the Konfront service by contacting us directly via email [email protected] or telephone +45 20 14 29 16. Then we will arrange to come by your institution, installing and setting up the service, as well as giving you a thorough introduction to the platform.

Konfront ensures that you have the VR-headsets you need. The VR-headsets will be delivered when the platform is implemented at your institution


Each costumer, e.g. a school, will receive their own web-based domain, to which a certain number of users are attached. The costumer will choose a superuser from the team, who will set up the other users with their respective email and password.

This depends on how fast we can establish an introductory course at your institution. We will arrange this on a meeting to clarify the practical details.


The price depends on the number of users and clients you need to attach to your Konfront-domain. Therefore we ask you to contact us directly at [email protected] to get an offer.


The payment proceeds via the invoice we send you. You pay for minimum 6 months at a time.


If you wish to unsubscribe before the subscription has expired, you must write an email to [email protected] stating your wish to unsubscribe. Be aware, that we must be informed about your wish to unsubscribe 3 months prior to the expiration date

Yes, the subscription will be renewed automatically, if not meeting the deadline of unsubscription.


1. First, you must contact your superuser. 2. Then, contact Konfront support at [email protected]


Contact [email protected] and inform us how many licenses you need. Then we will make sure that the extra licenses are connected to your user-account.

Write an email to [email protected]o, and we will send you a proof of purchase of the VR-headset. Bring the proof of purchase and the VR-headset to an Elgiganten near you, and they will handle it.


Konfront will notify all users via the email you apply when creating your user-account.


It is important to us, that the system is used correctly. Therefore we highly recommend that all users of the Konfront Platform are trained in utilizing the system at an introductory course.

Yes, it is possible to receive qualified supervision. Please contact [email protected] to place such an order.

The Konfront introductory course consist of a thorough and practice-oriented review of the theory underlying the Konfront system, as well as a review of different functions in the platform based on example cases.

Hardware and software requirements

The system is build specifically to Oculus Go.

The VR-headsets are wireless and the controller requires AA-batteries.

A stable WIFI connection with at least 200 Mbits download.

You can use both portable and stationary computers.

No, this is not possible.

We ask you to examine the webpage of Oculus Go for general tips regarding the VR-headset: https://support.oculus.com/183135912238400/

Access to the Platform

Contact the superuser from your workplace or institution to get access

At the login-window on the platform, you will be guided through steps to create a new password.

Security and Privacy

Yes, Konfront meets the GDPR requirements in accordance with the Data Processing Agreement of The Danish Data Protection Agency.


Yes, we would love to be in dialogue with parents, children and adolescents. Contact us on [email protected] for inquiries about price and content.