The platform is designed as a digital tool to optimize the efforts of professionals in their work with mental well-being at multiple levels.

As a specialist teacher, you will be able to access online materials that can help students who are challenged in relation to specific situations. Among other things, this may be in relation to students with symptoms of social anxiety, separation anxiety, and anxiety regarding navigation in the public space – for instance in relation to the usage of public transport. The materials exist both as predefined courses and as an opportunity to assemble elements that are meaningful to the individual.

This flexibility makes it possible to adapt a course to both the needs and the time that are available and necessary. Everything in connection to the platform is connected to cognitive behavioral therapy and every course and sub-elements are built around Virtual Reality and conversation charts in an online format.

Users and
target group

The users of our platform are professionals who have a pedagogical or psychological background. 

The platform was developed based on the principle that the content must be easy and usable so that the platform will be able to reach and benefit as many as possible.

The platforms target group are individuals suffering from mental challenges in relation to obtaining a healthy well-being, and as a result thereof experience limitations in relation to being able to function in an everyday setting.


Virtual Reality (VR) plays a crucial role in Konfront’s platform.

VR is a technology where one wears glasses with a built-in screen that can display specific and carefully selected movies and situations. While wearing the glasses and watching the movie, the individual will get the experience of being exactly where the film is taking place and in the specific situations shown by the pictures. This means that VR is a technology able to trick the mind into thinking you are present while watching. This means that an individual wearing the glasses will be exposed to unsafe situations while being in a safe space and surrounded by professionals.

Konfront employs a professional team who are constantly developing and producing films based on typical situations that can cause nervousness or anxiety in people dealing with mental challenges.

The film will become the common third and a focal point between the professional who will be following the process by screen and the individual wearing the glasses.

Online documentation

With its platform, Konfront has made it easier and more manageable to create the structure and overview of the documentation regarding each individual client.

With Konfront’s platform, the documentation on the client is all gathered and stored in one place. All documents are systematized in such a way that professional can easily orient themselves in regard to the client and across organizations.

The platforms online solution regarding documentation also facilitates the process in relation to summary reports and communication with both municipalities, parents and or guardians.

Konfront guarantees that the company complies with GDPR rules and regulations.


Konfront Academy is an association of professionals who, through the use of the platform has gained the necessary experience to become Konfront counselors. The Academy provides them with a certificate that allows the counselors to educate others about the usage of Konfront.

Konfront continuously facilitate courses and gatherings for the counselors. This is to ensure a continuously high professional and academic level. 

At Konfront we are proud to have competent people as representatives of our platform.