Presentation of the team

Anne Kristine Schwartzbach – FOUNDER & CEO

Anne Kristine Schwartzbach is the woman behind Konfront.

Anne has a bachelor’s degree in teaching and has been working professionally with children and adolescents suffering from autism and anxiety for several years. It was in connection with her teaching that she encountered Virtual Reality. Anne recognized a need in the young people she was working with and discovered a new way of dealing with and handling their problems. It ended up being not just a random meeting between digital development and professional knowledge.

Anne made the two meet and melt together as one comprehensive method. And therefore, there is now a virtual and up-to-date solution to the classic conversations between the care provider and client.

Anne has always been an entrepreneur at heart, and it is her drive and passion for helping people that has created the unique platform – Konfront.

Anders Bang Olsen – partner

Anders Bang Olsen is a graduate engineer and has simultaneously while being a general manager and owner of a medium sized engineering company also engaged in entrepreneurship over a number of years. His professional hat has since the second half of 2018 been replaced by a new job title as a “Full-time Angle investor”, strategy consultant and multiple boardroom memberships. Anders is now engaged in a handful of companies as an active investor.

For Anders Konfront holds a special place in his heart as he himself is a parent to a child suffering from anxiety. Anders has firsthand knowledge of the importance of early intervention and how much it can benefit the child and the child’s family. In addition, Anders also volunteers at the Red Cross Hovedstaden at a facility that houses former addicts. Common to many of the Red Cross users is that anxiety wholly or partly has had a major negative impact on their lives.

Kristian Bech Arendt - PSYCHOLOGIST

It is with great pride that Konfront can introduce and welcome the following strong academic profile to the team.

Kristian Bech Arendt is a licensed psychologist. He studied at Aarhus University where he obtained a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Kristian has developed several manual-based programs for children and adolescents dealing with anxiety. One of these programs is Bach2School, which is a promising program for children with a worrying school absence.

Despite Kristian’s relatively young age, he has quickly become a go-to-person in connection with expert knowledge on this subject. Kristian is up to date on all relevant and newly discovered research and knowledgeable on what projects will help form the framework of todays treatment. All of the previously mentioned attributes are some of the reasons why Konfront is extremely proud and happy that Kristian wants to contribute to the platform with his experience and deep knowledge. Kristian’s most important task is to create – and ensure the quality of the platform’s professional content – so that the professionals using the platform are properly equipped to conduct their work with children and adolescents dealing with anxiety.

Behavior CPH – Tanja Falsig & Rasmus Lund-Hansen

Behavior CPH, led by Tanja Falsig and Rasmus Lund-Hansen are the people in charge of connecting the dots and making sure that Konfront becomes a fully -fledged concept. Behavior CPH has been part of our team since the company’s beginning in late 2018 and are therefore extremely knowledgeable about our digital platform.

The company’s profile originates in neuromarketing. The neuropsychological approach has been an obvious tool in connection to the development of Konfront’s psychological and pedagogical tools. Through the EEG test, the platform has been user tested and optimized and this is why you as a user will experience an intuitive and user-friendly journey when working on our platform.