Konfront’s platform is based on several elements. Exposure via Virtual Reality films, predefined or tailor-made courses, and content with strong professional evidence based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

These elements support and reinforce each other’s means – and it all takes place online.

The method and platform are a concrete tool to be used as part of the traditional conversations between professionals and client.

By implementing a physical screen in these classic situations, a new kind of relationship is formed between those involved. And studies show that this new constellation has no bearing on the alliance between the interlocutors On the contrary, it can mean that the conversation will flow better as the screen becomes an active tool, where both client and professional must complete various exercises during the process.

The Virtual Reality movies allow the client to experience difficult-to-handle situations as very real but in a safe environment. And this creates new opportunities for the client, in collaboration with the professional, to build new coping strategies for real-life use.