Two of the country's leading special schools will focus on Konfront

It will be with some of the country’s most competent experts on board when Konfront in September launches a new platform. A platform to strengthen mental health and to work preventively in relation to people with, among other things, anxiety symptoms.

 It has been underway for months, affiliated with one of the country’s top psychologists and a digital agency that has cracked technological codes to make it happen – by September, Konfront’s platform is finally ready to improve the quality of life of a lot of people. Initially, children and adolescents.

And when it all goes live in the early autumn, it will be with the support and confidence of both the Søstjerneskolen in Copenhagen and Langagerskolen in Aarhus. Two of the country’s leading special and treatment schools in relation to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and / or severe ADHD.

– The fact that some of the country’s leading experts would like to be front runners on the project, confirms to me the potential of the platform. The schools are academically ambitious, and they manage to affect children who have experienced great hardship and face difficult challenges, says Anne Kristine Schwartzbach, CEO and founder of Konfront.

 A contemporary digital platform

The means of Konfront’s platform are a combination of Virtual Reality and cognitive behavioral therapy. Together, the two things represent a technologically contemporary way to strengthen efforts toward people who deal with mental challenges – including anxiety. And thus, it is also a platform that can be constantly adapted and developed in relation to the current needs of this day and age and of the individual.

And in this connection, cooperation with the Søstjerneskolen and Langagerskolen is important for Confront.

– In addition to being crazy proud that these schools can see the same opportunities in the platform as I can, I also see it as a collaboration. In this way, we get a team of experts on board who can, through practice, further improve our platform, says Anne Kristine Schwartzbach.

 A strong team behind Konfront

Konfront was established on December 1, 2018. The Bureau of Behavior is responsible for the development of the digital part of the platform, Kristian Bech Arendt (PhD psychologist) employed at Aarhus University together with Anne Kristine Schwartzbach develops the professional therapy. And together they have a product ready for market in September, while the company has a strong backbone on several fronts.

– We have clear project management and schedule. We have talented people who make us run a responsible financial business, focusing on quality and constantly developing value-creating content for our users, says Anne Kristine Schwartzbach.

In addition to Søstjerneskolen and Langagerskolen several municipalities are also a part of the project from September when Konfront’s platform is for use.